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Our Premises

We have always operated from a rented premise and have had to relocate four times. There have been a variety of reasons for the moves including security issues and the decisions made by Landlords to ask for conditions we cannot meet. Each time we move we incur added costs as each premise has needed considerable time and effort to make it suitable to treat children in. We rely on children enjoying their time with AKi to get the best from their therapy so we make each place colourful, clean, safe and welcoming.

Without a dedicated and purpose building we are always at a disadvantage. We have approached the Government for land but although they express concern for disabled children we have had no response.

At present we have:

  • - Four treatment/play rooms,
  • - One plaster room
  • - Workshop for manufacturing aids and appliances with adjoining storage rooms,
  • - Outdoor activity area
  • - Registration office
  • - Office for In-charge Physiotherapist, Assistant administrator and a visitors meeting room.
  • - Staff room, also used as a multimedia teaching room,
  • - Administration and clinical supervisor’s room, also used as a teaching room.
  • - Family counselling room. This room is one of the most important as it allows families a comfortable space and time to discuss any issues or worries they have with a trained staff member. This is used for the initial extensive interview to get to know and record the child’s history.
  • - Our trained teacher works alongside the clinicians or in the family room to give one-to-one special teaching to children.