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Spina Bifida

This term literally means “split spine”. The spine is made up of separate bones called vertebrae, which normally cover and protect the spinal cord. With Spina Bifida, one or more of these vertebrae are not completely formed. Instead, they are split and the spinal cord and its coverings usually protrude through a sac-like bulge on the back, covered with a thin membrane.

The spinal cord normally develops in the first 20th to 28th days of pregnancy, often before the mother realises she is expecting. The spinal cord carries all the signals from the brain to the muscles to allow movement to happen and allows for feelings of touch and pain. It also allows us to know where the limbs are. When it is damaged there are problems in all these areas.

Each child born with Spina Bifida will be different and have different problems depending on where the spine has not formed properly. At Akbar Kare Institute we can help teacher you how to help your child learn to do the very best they can. We can help you from the very earliest days after your child is born all the way through to their teenage years. We can make aids to help them move around and monitor their development showing you how to handle and do exercises to help them become stronger and stay healthy.
There are different types of Spina Bifida. Myelomeningocele (Pronounced my-lo-men-in-jo-seal) is the most common one we see in our center.
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