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AKi Blog No.1 April 2017

Hello everyone who is looking in. So much is happening at Akbar Kare that we have had no time to start our blog, but here goes. Updates: New premises, hurrah! We opened in Hayatabad in a bigger and better building with lots of space to use outside. It is taking us a little while to get it to the stage where it is colourful and friendly for children but I hope everyone who comes will immediately feel welcome. A huge thank you to one mum who came for her sons therapy all the way from Karachi. She is a brilliant artist and has decorated one wall with a colourful seascape.

New address and contact details can be seen on our contact page.

We are just the same, free to all families with children who need us and an open-door policy where you don’t need a referral to be assessed.

In the past year, we have seen increasing number of new families come to us for help with their child’s development. Each year more and more children come. In total we have seen more than 8,330 children come through our doors. We will always strive to give our best service and are grateful for the confidence they show us as they return again and again.

Despite this obvious need for this rehabilitation therapy we have had a stony silence from government when we ask for any help. We were promised land but eventually we realised this was a dream and that it would not materialise. It is a great shame that we give, for free, our best care to all families of K.P. but need to use funding for a building to work from when it could be those funds could be better used for more facilities and equipment for children. More staff would be nice too, so we could do more work! .

A family with a disabled child is an economically poorer family. Doctors and hospital visits cost money. Fathers have to take time off work to take their child to doctors, looking for help which is rarely forthcoming. Siblings need to help out with their brother or sister who is disabled instead of studying and going to school. What these families need is help with therapy and ways to improve how their child can develop, they need better care. .

Our work is to make lives better and reduce the stresses of everyday life for families with disability. .

We hope that the coming years we are given the opportunity to teach more and more people about how to help children with disability can have happy and healthy lives. This new premises is another new start and we are looking forward to making it our best therapy centre yet! .